Acne has not boundaries what skin it is infecting. Acne is not racist; it will affect every colour of skin that exists in the human race. And Acne really could care less if you’re recognized or not. Although with photos which are touched up and makeup artists who have celebrities look as if they were all born with flawless skin, sometimes you wonder if acne really does affect the rich and famous. Well, feel better. Here are some celebs that battled as much as anyone and they got victory over their condition.

Jessica Simpson not only deals with severe acne but became known as the Proactiv Solution spokeswoman. Being so candid about her condition has helped many young people believe that they can have beautiful skin again. She even went as far as to allow herself to be photographed during flare-ups to show how this product really works.

Cameron Diaz is another past acne sufferer. Most times you see her; she exhibits flawless skin which is obviously the work of a master makeup artist. She has openly advised having an ongoing battle with acne.

Britney Spears has been known to struggle with acne since she was in the Mickey Mouse Club. She deals with them the same way any other teenager does and soon they were a thing of the past. But with the hormones that affect a woman during pregnancy began to affect her, acne crept back onto her face. She again got victory over the condition, but only after she had her child and her hormones became balanced once again.

Does acne only hit female celebs? Not corresponding to Brad Pitt. During much of his life, from when he was a teen, he has struggled with a pretty severe case of acne. And his acne became so bad, that he is still left with many of the scars from his early days dealing with the condition. As with most celebrities, he covers much of the remainder of his acne battle with makeup although he is very open and vocal about what he’s had to end regarding this ailment.

Many other celebrities, as well as politicians and other public figures, have been very forthcoming about their dealing with acne. And the solution for them is no different than the solution for you. And most of them will say a regimen which is consistent will cure your acne. Skin is skin; treat it well as well as treating your body well, and you will be successful in beating your acne condition just like so many celebrities have.

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