Birth Number Six (for those born on the 6th, 15th, 24th of ANY month) have you lived before?

Personality Traits: Practical, industrious, amiable, stubborn. Your Best Day: Relax, meditate and discover your inner reality on a Friday. Lucky Colours: All shades of green, navy, blue and brown. Best months of the year are: Apr-May, September -October

Brief Personality Profile: You are practical, industrious and in many ways capable of exercising tremendous patience to achieve the things you want. On occasion, others see this as being obstinate, but to you, it is simply adhering to your established principles. Oh yes, you can be as stubborn as a mule, when you want to be. Now for the other side of the coin, you are amiable and docile in nature, fond of good food and the luxuries of life. You can be very social when you want to be and enjoy the arts, music, and theatre. Some would call you charming, while others might call you a flirt!

This series of articles is about past lives – are they real or imagined, have we lived before, will we live again, is this life the only one? Numerology offers a clue when it’s ‘married’ to Astrology. If this is your Birth Number you have an affinity with people born in the signs of Taurus and Libra, no matter what year they were born and whenever you meet people born in these signs you must consider the possibility that you have met them before, somehow, somewhere, in some other time…

I like to keep things as simple as possible for the subject matter has been made so convoluted by so many we’ve lost sight of the KISS principle (keep it simply simple) and one of the easiest ways to do this is to set the scene of a dinner party or a gathering of friends where good conversation over a meal (forget the iPod, the PC, the Mac, set the table and mix with real live people…

Let’s assume you’re a male Birth Number Six and you’re introduced to a female born in Libra – your eyes meet and you feel you’ve met before – the conversation flows, there’s a memory at work within you of having known this lovely lady before but, is it that simple – of course not! You’re an Alpha male responding to her male past life! Got your attention?

Let’s try another example – you’re a shy, hesitant, inhibited female born on the 6th of October (remembering I never use the year of birth) and you’re introduced to an indifferent, unconcerned and materialistic Taurus male born on the 24th April! Suddenly, there’s electricity in the air for memories of another life are being brought to the surface, not only memories but a ‘knowing’ a ‘trusting’ and ’emotions.’ In the marriage of Numerology and Astrology, in the understanding of Past Lives you’ve not only met before, you’ve lived together and in that life, the roles were reversed! You (Libra) were male and he (Taurus) was female! Did I say there’s an electricity and magnetism? You are no longer shy, hesitant or self-conscious, he’s no longer nonchalant – there’s an ‘attraction.’

I leave the rest to you for it’s impossible in an article of this nature to cover every combination; I am only whetting your appetite to study more the subjects of Numerology and Astrology…

Until next time – enjoy your dinner party conversations

Featured Image: Michele Knight

Source by Thomas Muldoon