If you are among those faced with a cash crisis following the government’s move to scrap Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes and are too busy with your professional commitments to stand in the long-winding queues to get a hand on a functional ATM, this should come as welcome news.

While people across the nation queue up at ATMs and banks to exchange their scrapped 500 and 1000-rupee notes or withdraw cash, a Delhi-based startup has spotted an opportunity to make the most out of the situation.

BookMyChotu.com, which provides manpower on hourly basis for various jobs, is now offering helpers to stand in long ATM queues, helping you escape the hassle.

The company adds a disclaimer which states: “Chotu” is just a name and the same is being used for branding purposes. We have no intentions to hurt anyone’s sentiments. All Chotus/Helpers are above the age of 18 and they have no objection with this name.

The startup is offering this service is the Delhi-NCR region and the hired help is available for Rs 90 per hour.


The option seems quite feasible for those who are too busy with their professional life to stand in ATM and bank queues in order to get their scrapped notes exchanged with “legal tenders”.


The note ban has turned life upside down for the lower middle class and poor families in India. With many loss of lives attributed to ‘demonetisation’, this may soon become a trending business for a matter of time.

The company claims that the service has elicited a strong response from the public, though it refused to divulge specific details on the number of queries received since the company began offering this service on Sunday.

“We have been receiving queries in large numbers,” a company executive told indiatvnews.com when contacted. When pressed for numbers, the executive denied information saying it was not within the company’s policies to reveal it.

The startup founder Satjeet Singh Bedi was unavailable for comment.


Here is how the service works:

All you need to do is log on to the start-up’s website and enter basic details like name, time, date, address etc. You will then receive a confirmation message on your phone.

The company however clarified that the helper would not go inside the bank and will only stand in the queue till your turn comes.

The Delhi-based start-up, founded by Satjeet Singh Bedi, has also advertised the service on the company’s Facebook page.


The reactions, however, have been mixed.


Featured Image: IndiaTVNews