Great Dane Major, who is known as the world’s tallest dog, had a special meeting with Disney, Britain’s smallest pooch Chihuahua when he visited him at his home in Wales.

Major is 7 feet and 1 inches tall while Disney who is just three inches barely reaches Major’s paw.


Major’s owner Brian Williams, 55, from Penmaen, near Swansea, told Daily Mail, ‘He might be the heaviest dog , but he’s the loveliest in the world.

‘He wouldn’t hurt a fly – and that goes for a dog as little as Disney too.’


Disney, 19 months, weighs very less and hasn’t got any bigger since she was eight weeks old.

As per reports, after the experts from Guinness World Records ran the tape over three challengers in the next few weeks, Major is hoping to be named as the world’s tallest dog.


What does the dog aspiring to be the world’s tallest eat? Six eggs daily along with a two-kilo bag of mince and more than three pints of milk is his daily intake. Disney, on the other hand, just consumes enough food to fill an egg cup.


Her owner Natalie Vane, a 28-year-old dog groomer, took Disney from her home in Bilston, West Midlands, to visit Major.

She told media, ‘I can’t get a collar to fit her so I walk her on a ferret harness. Dogs in the park will just knock her over and she’s so small they could do a bit of damage.’