If there is one person in New Delhi who values time more than anything else and anyone else in the world, it is a car/bike thief. No, this is not another fleeting statement floating around but a serious reality check after reading through some startling facts published in a national daily.

13 Minutes, a car and whoosh!

According to the report published, a car or bike is stolen every 13 minutes in New Delhi (at a time when some thefts and carjacking cases even go unreported); which hypothetically is more like walking into a McDonald’s for a takeaway!

Thieves have begun to have a fancy for high-end cars and Sport Utility Vehicle (SUVs). Over the years, the numbers are more inclined towards these types of vehicles.

Dismantle or dispose, that’s what makes it easier for the thieves.

Stolen vehicles are quickly dismantled, disposed off in Meerut or sold in Nepal, North East, Bihar Or West Bengal. For them, it’s just a matter of borders to dispose of stolen vehicles. In fact, crossing border is like a child’s play be it Gurugram, Noida or Meerut.

Even a city like New York was leading in motor-thefts around 3 decades ago but here’s what they did.

Around 3 decades ago, New York aka Big Apple was facing a similar threat from the thieves considering a vehicle was stolen every 3.5 minutes. Yes, that’s a little too much to accept.

Cutting edge anti-theft technologies and New York Police Department or NYPD together were able to bring down the theft rate to a whopping 95%.

What’s stopping New Delhi then?

Now coming back to New Delhi, the situation looks interesting. Anti-theft technologies like engine immobilisers and chip-implanted keys that were installed and put to use in New York happens to be the same in the vehicles sold here.

Despite the technological advancements, the thieves are already ahead of the game. They have gone above and beyond and figured out another set of techniques and gadgets that are helping them to override the existing anti-theft system.

The report also mentions that not only do they carry duplicate electronic keys but can also swap out the engine control modules (on-board computers) in fuel-injected vehicles in a few minutes.

Technology is good, thieves are playing smart yet the cops are falling back on same ‘ol reasons like people park on the roadside and do not use anti-theft devices.

Last year’s window was 23.6 minutes but who cares because this is what the cops have to say.

The time between each theft was reported to be 23.6 minutes last year but the current number totally hints at the efficiency of the thieves and lack of safety by everyone else.

The difference between last year’s numbers and this year’s numbers reflects the ambiguous state of safety in the city as well as puts Delhi Police in jeopardy yet again.

In fact, sources say that out of all crimes reported in New Delhi, motor thefts consume a fifth of the total number. And unfortunately, the thieves are getting better and the situation is getting worse because beat constable are simply clueless about the gangs.

It’s time, Delhi Police bucks up!

Story Input: Times Of India

Cover image used is a representational one.