Telemarketing is the newest form of irritant that has developed alongside technological boon. Apart from various services trying to reach out to each and every potential customer through calls, messages, and Whatsapp; the network companies are also putting too much effort to sell their deals and offers to their already existing customers.

Imagine you are someone in distress and trying to reach out for some help through a phone call and the first thing that you hear is some internet plan, some calling plan exclusively available for you, or something of that sort. What purpose will our smartphone serve? Imagine, a victim trying to reach to police, or emergency medical service and all he/she hears is some deal or plan from the mobile network company; what will that person do?

In an emergency situation, every single second is crucial, even a miss call can help a person in a distressing situation, just like in the recent case of Noida-based fashion designer Shipra Kataria Malik who went missing after calling on 100, the call that lasted for a few seconds. Those few seconds were crucial for finding her location, but if the network companies stick to making their users listen to these marketing campaigns then surely many victims may not get their chance of redemption.

Exactly, this is the point being put across by Abhilash Gaur through a Facebook post shared on 14th February 2016 and this has gone viral since then.

Message To Airtel

Network companies, please take note.