A 7-month-old Japanese girl has captured the hearts of internet users, but not because of her chubby cheeks or big round eyes, it’s all thanks to her impressively lustrous and thick hair. The number of posts on Baby Chanco’s Instagram is just 47, but the munchkin has managed to rake in over 1.5 lakh followers since her profile was created in May this year. While the toddler is yet to walk or talk, she has taken the internet by storm with over 10 thousand likes on every post. This baby girl surely has something that millennials yearn for!

Instagram users are overwhelmed with delight, all thanks to this baby’s voluminous deep-black hair. Not just her hair, but Baby Chanco’s style is also quite impressive. In her pictures, she can be seen sporting a series of adorable expressions, with her hair styled in different ways. On some days, it is adorned with clips and cute bows. And on others, it is left in its impressive, natural state.

Check out some adorable pictures of the little hair master!

She also might be the youngest person on social media with more than 1 lakh followers.