Luxury Wedding Transportation

For many couples, getting married is the most important and memorable day of their lives, and thousands of brides and grooms tie the knot each and every year in front of family and friends either at a registry office or an entirely different venue of choice. Indeed, planning this day can be thrilling, but also quite hard to get just right.

One important element of the ideal wedding day and wedding reception is to ensure that all guests are transported to and from the event in comfort, ease and style – not to mention that the newlywed couple themselves will need to have their own luxury transport too. This can take the form of many vehicles, from double-decker bus hire right through to a fancy limo.

Regardless of the type of vehicle that the couple and the guests decide to travel in on the wedding day, there are several valuable extras that you should consider checking are included in your package. Although not all service providers will offer them, they can turn your day into something truly special and enjoyable thanks to several pleasant small touches.

Firstly, it is a good idea to ask if your car hire company or double-decker bus hire provides champagne for a toast for the bride and groom or even for all of the guests travelling in larger vehicles. With some companies, this is included in standard wedding packages, but it is best to double check this to make sure as UK law does not permit this without a special alcohol license.

This can be perfect for couples who are looking to start married life together with an intimate toast. For the guests traveling in a bus or several other larger vehicles, this is the opportunity to start the celebrations a little earlier before even arriving at the wedding reception.

A second extra that you should consider asking for is the provision of umbrellas in case the weather turns bad. This might seem to be an unusual thing to ask for, however, you will likely be surprised at just how many transportation providers deliver this service.

This can be especially beneficial for the bride and the groom who are wearing their best clothes, as it will stop them bearing the brunt of surprise bad weather when they step out of the vehicles This also applies to guests, who will no doubt also be wearing their finest and who are unlikely to bring their own umbrellas for emergency showers.

The third thing that you should check is included in your transportation package is the inclusion of wedding ribbons for your vehicle – especially the vehicle at the bride and groom will be riding in. There is nothing quite as elegant as a convoy of beautifully decorated wedding vehicles, and your luxury car or double-decker bus hire company should be able to deliver these.

If you hire a great company you will often have the choice of some beautiful ribbon colours and arrangements. This can really help your vehicle look special and gorgeous, and therefore perfectly fitting for your wedding day.

Lastly, the decoration of your vehicle would not be complete without the addition of flowers, traditionally placed in the rear window of a wedding vehicle for the bride and groom. Although this depends on the space in the back of the vehicle of choice, generally this is an option offered by the best vehicle hire companies and will again make your car look elegant as you ride away.

These are just a few extras that are commonly included in wedding packages from leading transportation companies. If you are unsure about their inclusion, ask the company that you are considering hiring whether they can make the arrangements for any of the above options that appeal to you.

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Source by Didier Mario