If you’re over 25, you’ve probably received several thousand tips from parents, teachers, and friends. How many of these do you still recall?

I’m well past 25, but after all these years I remember only ten lessons that really helped me. Here they are:

1.Prepare for the future, but live fully in the present moment.

2.The video of life does not have a “rewind” button. You can not correct yesterday. You can only do better today and tomorrow.

3.Treat your parents well. Without them, you would not be here.

4.Try to learn something new each day, and teach something new each day.

5.An open mind welcomes both sunlight and rain. Listen carefully to new ideas, and to people with what you might not agree. Every person you meet can become your teacher.

6.Life is a cooperative venture. Those who lived before us left us some wonderful instruction books.

7.The three greatest gifts you can give your children are acceptance, encouragement, and preparation. The road of life can sometimes be an uphill climb.

8.Inspire others to read and write better. These are two of life’s most important skills.

9.Nearly everyone you meet is dealing with some sort of problem. Be kind and forgiving.

10.Choose a career that fits your personality and life goals that help others.

Featured Image: Psych Healing Counseling Center

Source by Rix Quinn