Indian TV shows are known to be over-dramatized in nature with unbelievable twist & turns happening every now and then. The inculcation of supernatural powers in the shows is the recent trend which can be seen on every second channel.

Popular show Sasural Simar Ka, which airs on Colors TV, runs on this USP.

But the show makers have taken it to an altogether another level of wackiness by making the lead actress reborn as a fly.

The latest teaser of the dramatic episode shows Simar aka Deepika Samson being transformed into a housefly after a sadhu cursed her.

Simar was there in the jungle, at the middle of the night, finding the cure to save the life of a fairy. But she ends up disturbing a guru who was mediating there from last 5,000 years. The furious man punishes Simar and she returns home but only as a mere fly.

The teaser ends with the dialog “Yeh makhee aap ki Simar hai”, touching another low. This bizarre plot has made the viewers go insane and they have posted tier reactions on Twitter Take a look.

So you thought Game of Thrones was senseless? Not anymore!