After her late night shift at work, a young lady books a cab to return home.

rape attempt


The cab driver picks her up from her office and keeps his eyes on her all through the ride, leering at her through the rear view mirror.

rape attempt


He then takes the cab to a secluded road, with the intention of doing something cruel to the woman.  There, he stops the cab and gets down and comes close to the girl sleeping at the back seat.


rape attempt

All of a sudden, he hears something on the radio and stops!  What exactly was the little announcement about?


Check out this video to find out what happened.


This short film can change the mindset of people and can prevent shocking incidents like rape and molestation in India.

Though there is increased awareness on such matters, there is still a lot to be done so that we can eradicate this evil from our country.

Proper enforcement of laws is the need of the hour in order to make sure that innocent people don’t fall prey to such acts.

Do share this article with as many people as possible so that the message is sent loud and clear to people with such cruel intentions.


Images Source: YouTube