Rahul Gandhi, the fourth generation Indian politician of the Nehru-Gandhi family, is a name quite popular in every Indian household. The reasons can be many – because he is the Vice President of the Indian National Congress or may be because of his supposed immaturity of the ‘youth leader’ when it comes to political discourse and dealings.

From blunders during his political speeches to being caught sleeping in the Assembly, Rahul has a lot to his credit. He belongs to the family of stalwarts who held important positions in the history of Indian politics.

He has the power, money, fame and almost every thing that every woman wants in her dream life partner. But, the 42-year-old is still single!

In India, he is considered as the most eligible bachelor after Bollywood’s ‘Dabaang Khan’ Salman Khan. However, the situation may just be slipping out of the Congress veep’s hands, at least as far as his ‘dimpled charm’ is concerned.

When a team of ‘Shit Chat’ asked Mumbai girls what their first reaction would be if Mr Gandhi were to pop the question to them, the answers were such that even the likes of master strategist Prashant Kishor would find it tough to pull him out of this one.

Check out the video and find out how Mumbai girls reacted on ‘Mr Gandhi’s Marriage Proposal’. Enjoy!