We have often seen people using the best of their mental abilities to fool the police officials and get a pass with breaking a certain rule. However, these four Russian men were showered with praises when they tried to break the rule and cross the vehicles only bridge, named Zolotoy Bridge, in Far East port city of Vladivostok. A video is going viral on the internet in which four local men are seen crossing the bridge on which pedestrians are not allowed by making a human-bus and netizens are completely in awe of them.

The four men decided to make a cardboard cut-out of a bright-yellow bus to take the route which is otherwise restricted for pedestrians. Sadly, they could not prank the official for long as they were soon spotted by a traffic police patrolling the bridge. The video going viral was shot by a woman who was crossing the bridge in her car. According to a report by the Moscow Times, the young woman who was recording the video was heard saying, “Where did they come from? This is beautiful, it’s art. Why are they kicking them out?”

According to reports, locals in the area had protested against the walking ban on the bridge, claiming it was a major inconvenience. They said it was easier and faster to walk the bridge to be caught in traffic on the bridge.

As soon as the video surfaced the internet, netizens were awestruck by the creative lawbreakers and admired their intelligence. While they were breaking the law, the act led to a hilarious moment and people came up with the best of jokes and memes related to it.