After the ‘Mastizaade’ debacle, comedian Vir Das is back to what he is good at – communicating thought-provoking messages in simplest way possible.

In his latest commercial, Das has taken a dig at the blatant objectification of women in Indian advertising.  He is seen trying a hand at all the things women are made to do in Indian ads to sell products somehow, and it will make you laugh.

It will strike right chords with the ones who have wondered why the heck we need an actress to sell a shaving cream for men or why Katrina Kaif had to act super seductive for a mango drink ad.

Objectification of women and their body in advertisement industry has been the subject of much discourse and ridicule in the past but Vir Das seems to have nailed it in his unique way.

Watch here:

This one-minute video is exactly what we need to remind our dear ad men that stereotyping females for brand promotion is not the shortcut to success.