The most dangerous villain of all times, Thanos, might have given a tough time to our Marvel superheroes in the Avengers: Infinity War, but he dropped powerless in front of the Canadian police. A photograph has gone viral on Twitter in which the mighty villain ‘Thanos’ is being apprehended by the Toronto Police.

Shared on May 12, the picture shows a man dressed in a Thanos costume of purple armour being held up against a police car as passersby around him laughed and clicked pictures. The moment this picture dropped online, Twitterati started posting jokes and memes in no time.

The police haven’t made the details of the arrest public but it hasn’t stopped people from making fun of the incident. This is not the first time that police has arrested someone donning an Avengers costume. In fact, just after the release of Avengers: Infinity War, the Mumbai Police had tweeted a creative that irked many for the spoiler it contained. The picture has already become a huge thing on the internet with around 3000 like and shares.

PC Papadopoulos shared the picture of Thanos being handcuffed on Twitter and captioned it as, “The Toronto Police do what the Avengers couldn’t do, stop Thanos.”

Other Twitter users wrote: