You all must already have referred to the traditional dictionaries like Merriam Webster, or Free Online Dictionary. But unless you happen to live in a cave, you must have also heard of the ‘Urban Dictionary’ – the online dictionary that offers unusual and unconventional meaning to every day words and phrases.

That is not to say, that the meanings given by Urban Dictionary (UD) is any less accurate. The way it defines words, it keeps in mind the modern, internet ‘lingo’ and portrays the meaning in such a manner that it is understandable for even those who are not well read. It even includes the terms that are usually not found in a traditional dictionary, just to add to the fun.

In this article, we show you some kickass meanings of the certain terms, which are sure to make you laugh.

1. Porn

UD defines ‘Porn’ as Peas and corn mixed together in a bowl.



2. Litmus Test

On account of the ongoing public washroom ‘controversy’



3. Bro

Apart from addressing your friend, it also means a male bra!



4. Barbie

This toy is smashed by the entire world for giving little girls unrealistic body images



5. Relationships

UD somehow gives a very realistic definition of this term



6. Alcohol

Another hilarious meaning by UD for an every-day term



7. Sex




8. Masturbation

That is sooo honest.



9. Vagina

Another honest meaning!



10. Life

What is that supposed to mean? Go get a life. Oh, I mean, a sexually-transmitted, terminal disease.



The reason why urban dictionary has so many meanings and definitions is because anyone and everyone can contribute to it. So go ahead, play a prank on your best friend by adding a definition for his/ her name.

And don’t forget to record their reactions and tell us how it went!


All Images sourced from UrbanDictionary