Have you ever been to a dog show and see all those beautiful, energetic, and healthy dogs? You might have wondered, what were the dog owners doing right to have those cute pets? Well, the answer is that they take really good care of them. And that is the secret to a healthy dog.

1. Give your pet the right nutrition.

Good nutrition will always be the main key to the health of your dog. If you are a first time dog owner, start researching the foods that are safe and also those that are dangerous to your pet. You can always cook your own dog food. This way you can ensure that it is safe and good eats. However, not all of us have the time to do it so your next best option would be the commercially made dog food in the supermarket aisles or the pet store. Just do a little bit of research on this also to learn which brands are the best. Also, there is a growing number of dog owners who are giving vegan dog food diets to their dogs. They claim that because of it their pets are livelier and more energetic than ever before.

2. Give your dog the chance to get some exercise.

Exercise is another factor that contributes to a healthy dog. Just a half an hour up to an hour of exercise should be enough, and you do not have to do it every single day. Just a couple of times each week would be enough. And also it does depend on the breed of your dog when it comes to amount of time of exercise that he needs. For dogs like the terrier type, you may need a larger area for him to run around and also give him about an hour to fully exercise. For smaller, toy dogs just walk them around your neighborhood for 15 minutes and they should be fine

3. Regular visits to the vet.

Your dog’s veterinarian should be able to check on your dog on a regular basis. This is to better monitor your pet’s health so that the doctor can quickly see if there are any potential health problems. He would then be able to give the best preventive treatments or medicines to help keep your dog healthy.

Featured Image : Healthy Pets Ltd
Source by Christine Malone