Choosing a theme for your little one’s birthday party can make you scratch your head. Let Glamour Cats scratch it for you! With a whole range of Rachel Hale Glamour Cats birthday party supplies, you can’t go wrong.

The Glamour Cats Deluxe Pack makes for a great beginning since it contains all the plates, cups, and more you need to serve refreshments, all with that great cat’s design. You also get crepe paper rolls, a Mylar balloon, 24 inflatable balloons, and more to start you on your way for decorating. It also includes eight ultra-cute invitations you can use to get the ball rolling.

When it comes to decorating, though, you won’t want to be without a Rachel Hale Glamour Cats Banner. This 61″ wide vinyl item can be personalized with any text you choose. Go for the traditional “Happy Birthday” or select a message all your own. Either way, your guests will see at once that a very special party is about to begin if you hang this outside the front door.

When it’s time to serve refreshments you’ll want to make sure all the kids are ‘decorated’ just right, too. Select some Rachel Hale Glamour Cats Hats and they will be. Your table will look terrific if you select a Glamour Cats Centerpiece. That same cute cat motif shows a tabby poking her head above a birthday box while her friends look on from their own little hiding places.

And, since kids want something to do while they’re waiting, how about some Glamour Cats Sticker Sheets? You can get those sticker sheets separately or inside the Party Favor Box, along with a blowout, notepad, mini star wand, and roll-on body glitter. And, oh yes, the box holds four crayons so the girls can have fun drawing on their Rachel Hale activity placemats from the Deluxe Pack.

When you get ready to start the games you’ve got lots of choices for Rachel Hale Glamour Cats prizes. The Kitten Bean Bag makes for an ideal selection. Or, pick out some star wands.

To keep everyone entertained while you get set up you can give everyone a Bobble Head Cats Party Activity Kit. The 4″ plush kitten comes in lovely purple and the kit has all sorts of decorating tools. Kids will love using the marabou collars, bells with jump rings, stick-on eyes, and 16 fine-point markers to make kitty look just right.

Of course, all good things come to an end. When they do, and the party is over, you can express your appreciation for the wonderful company and thoughtful gifts with a set of themed Thank You Notes. The delightful orange kitty in a blue box provides a cheerful way to say to all your guests how grateful you are that they shared this special day with you and your little one.

Planning and executing your little one’s birthday party is a cinch with Rachel Hale Glamour Cats party supplies.

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Source by Patti L.