Even if Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal tries to do something for the state, he often becomes a butt of jokes. His anti-corruption gimmicks and anti-Modi tweets have landed him in a lot of trouble on social media platforms.

However, for every troll, there is a troll. This parody account of Kejriwal is so brutally honest that it is sure to give you a hearty laugh. This account, known as @TrollKejri makes fun of the real Kejriwal, and is highly popular among the India twitter community. Even though it is a recent addition to Twitter, it has gained thousands of followers in a very short span of time.

Scroll down to see some of his most hilarious troll tweets:

1. Anything related to Modi is bad for you


2. His over the top promises


3. His tweet based on his over-confidence


4. On his motherly love for Sonia Gandhi


5. According to him, even Facebook is corrupt


6. And so is Instagram, rib-tickling!


7. His usual blame game


8. His works compared to the PM’s, is it???


9. He can find elements of corruption in anything!


10. On his views in the Augusta Westland case


11. For his love for educational qualifications


12. And another one on the same issue


13. He even wrote a song for this whole degree issue



It seems like the followers believe that troll Kejriwal is making more sense than actual Kejriwal himself. No wonder he is gaining popularity day by day. The real Kejriwal really should watch out for this hilarious troll page.

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Featured Image: Firstpost