Humour has great importance in life and it makes person’s life interesting and enjoyable. Humour is the propensity of particular cognitive incidents to provide amusement and provoke laughter. Humour is the quality to make something laughable. If you get pleasure and amusement by getting something then you must accept the fact that this thing really exists.

All people don’t have some way to laugh at life and it shows that all of them have a different sense of acceptance. Some people accept things very easily and some take time. People see things differently and so the meaning of humour is different for everyone. A sense of humour depends on person’s point of view.

Sometimes we go through very tough situations in life but later on, when we remind the same situation we may found it humorous. This is because of change in our perspective. The sense of humour is a very precious thing in life and you can make your life more enjoyable and stress- free by increasing this sense.

There are so many incidents in life that we find funny. Sometimes we laugh at jokes said by any person and sometimes we laugh at any other incident. Everyone has some funny incident in life. Here is one such incident from my life.

It is an incident when I was studying in 7th or 8th standard and after recess, we were waiting for a teacher to come to class. Some students were playing cricket with notebook and eraser, some were chit-chatting and some were singing songs. All were busy with some activities. At that time our class became very noisy. I was also a very notorious student but don’t remember that what I was doing at that time. But suddenly pin-drop silence occurred in class and I saw that someone was there. He was not out teacher but our school principal. The principal was very strict and always had a scale in his hand to beat students. A discipline of our school got improved because of him. Our classroom was on the first floor and his office was on the ground floor exactly below our classroom. So, after entering the class, he asked the first student… “what lies underneath?” He asked this because we were making so much noise even after knowing that principal’s office is just below our classroom. So, that guy did not respond with his head low. The principal gave a big one to his hand with the scale. Then he asked the same question to every other student but all of them kept quiet facing down and got a big slap on their hands. Like this when the principal asked the same question from a girl, she actually started looking below the bench and tried to search something. But when she did not find anything, she answered the Principal “nothing is there”. On this answer, all students in the class started laughing and as a result, she got two tight slaps on her hand.

So, these types of small incidents sometimes make us laugh and become memorable for us.

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Source by Umesh Takkar