It’s not unusual to want to be a funny person. I think everyone wants the attention you can get from it. Not to mention the reputation of being the “funny friend” I think you know what I’m talking about lol. One thing you should always keep in mind is to keep things light! Do not let yourself think too much about what you want to say, or how you want to say it. Let the opportunities present itself and then expound on them in a humorous way.

An example could be light making fun of other friends in the group (make sure the friend you’re making fun of already likes you first, haha) you and some friends are at a restaurant and Brad accidentally spilt his drink on himself. While everyone is laughing at the situation you could make it even funnier by keeping a straight face, looking brad in the eye and waiting for the laughter to calm down. Then say something like,

“your mom tried to warn me that I might want to bring a sippy cup for you … I did not listen ..”

Other ways to be funny could include your body language and facial expressions. Do not be a statue or monotone when you are talking. Be expressive, be a little outgoing. Do not try to shove your business at everyone, instead, let them notice that you are funny. Do not try to convince them you can make them laugh, let them decide for themselves that hey This guy is funny! Egypt, When did you become so funny?

Another thing to consider is making sure you’re not taking yourself seriously at all. If you’re going to be funny, you’re going to have to learn to laugh and make fun of yourself. This is a great method of inviting people to your sense of humour.

Speaking of sense of humour, you should really spend time by yourself and figure out what kind of sense of humour you really have. Is it an eccentric one? (Think Dane Cook) Maybe it’s a witty, quick and smart one. (think Jon Stewart) What about an overly angry sense of humour (think Lewis Black) maybe you like to play on puns or slapstick. Maybe you like to play on meaningful insights and thoughts (kind of like a smart sense of humour) Watch a LOT of different stand-up comics to get a feel for what you think is funniest.

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