Every time we come across news related to setting a Guiness Books of world, we go like, what? Can a record be set for this too? This is going to be one of those incidents.

Apparently, a man hugged 79 people under a minute and has now entered the Guinness Book Of World Records. Kishen Kumar, a resident of Hyderabad speedily hugged 79 people in under a minute.

Now, if you are wondering what kind of hug it was, a bear hug  or an intimate one; we are sorry to tell you that it was none of the above. And it is understandable too. After all, one bear hug lasts longer than a minute; so that would not have been possible.

Instead, Kishen just hugged. Like a fast hug where he didn’t embrace the person well. In under one minute, he hugged people of different sizes, tall, short, thin and fat.

The video was released by the Facebook page of the Guinness Book of World Records and it is hilarious.

While you will congratulate Kishen on his achievement, you wouldn’t wish that you get a hug like this from someone. A hug is supposed to make you feel cosy, not tickle your funny bone.

Watch the video here: