There is no denying that Ed Sheeran is the dream man for many girls out there. His concerts and performances are always a hit show, with people in large numbers attending it. But the people who attended the popular singer’s gig at Cardiff in the United Kingdom must be surprised about an incident that happened on the stage-twice. According to a report in the BBC, the Grammy award-winning British musician went off the stage because he “needed a pee” two times, while the crowd waited for him to return.

While in the middle of his hit number Galway Girl, Ed Sheeran removed the guitar and ran from the stage. Although he came back within 5 minutes and started singing the song from where he left, many people were confused as to where did he go? The second time was in the middle of singing Photograph. He rushed saying “I’m so sorry Cardiff” to the toilet.

Of course, after the ‘pee breaks’, social media began talking about it and fans are already divided into halves. Here are some of the best responses to Sheeran’s little detours during his concert.