Google maps is easily the most common app for commuters especially when they are in a new area, however, many times the route shown by the web-mapping service leaves them in confusion when it comes to taking the flyover or the road beside it. Taking the wrong route often leads to traveling a longer distance and wasting a lot of time. Stand-up comedian Kartik Arora recently faced the same issue and decided to complain about it to Google through his social media.

Tagging Google, Kartik tweeted his problem in the most hilarious way and said, “Itne badhiya maps banaye, chota sa feature aur daal dete ki saaf saaf bolde flyover par chadhna hai ya neeche se jaana hai. 5 inch ke screen par aadhe milimetre ka deflection Kahan se dekhe aadmi? Yours Truly, 2km aage se U Turn leta hua aadmi.” (Dear Google, You made great maps, but there could have been a feature to users know whether to take the flyover or not. It is difficult to notice a small deflection of 0.5 millimetre on a 5-inch screen? Yours truly, the person who is taking a U-Turn after from 2kms ahead.”

In no time the tweet became viral and many could connect to the problem as the major part of the internet is said to be dealing with it. Not just the netizens but Google India also acknowledged the tweet and their response left many in splits. In the most poetic way, Google India tweeted, “Shukar manate hain aap jaise users ka, jo humein sahi raah dikhaate hain. Behtar bante jaane ka yeh safar rukega nahin, mere humsafar.” (We are thankful to users like you who show us the right path. The journey of self-improvement is never-ending, my fellow traveller.)

While Kartik’s tweet was viral enough, Google India response made it even more happening with over 21,000 likes in just a few hours. Many Twitter users then took to the internet and shared their experience of taking a wrong turn because of the confusion and others showed how impressed they were with Google India’s response.

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