When the whole world is curious about Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor’s wedding who has walked the aisle with a degree of elegance and splendor, there is another bride in China who is getting all the attention. But for all the wrong reasons.

In the 20-second long video of a wedding in China, the bride was ready to have her bouquet toss when something really bad happened. She turned her back to the guest and was ready to throw her bouquet towards the guests as it is said that whoever catches the bunch of flowers will marry next, the ceiling tiles came off.

The tossed bouquet hit the ceiling of the venue and the tiles fall off on the guests and bride herself. The guests, who were gearing up to catch the bouquet, were rather greeted with the tiles. Going by the videos, it seems like no one was hurt much.

When the video made an entry on the social media and the reactions were hilarious. The video, which was first posted onto Shanghai-based website Knews on Friday, said that this happened quite recently, but did not state where and when exactly this wedding took place.

Users on the internet took no time to start blaming the weak structure of the building, however, there were few who felt that it was all the groom’s mistake. “It’s the hotel’s fault for having such a poorly built banquet hall,” said one. Another one said, “It was the husband’s fault for choosing such a cheap venue for the wedding.”