Bigg Boss 11 contestants Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde are two most popular celebs. Both the ladies shared good equation during the initial days of the show but as nothing is permanent in the house, ‘bahus’ of the small screen became rivals and started to take jibes at each other. But, seems like things are changing. In last night’s episodes both the ladies united against Arshi Khan and threw her out of the captaincy race. In fact, Hina was seen saying that Shilpa has not become the captain. So, they should make her the fourth contender.

The two telly actresses will also be seen fighting against Vikas Gupta, who also wants to be the captain. After Arshi was out of the captaincy race, she asked Shilpa the reason she supported Hina. The ‘bhabhiji’ actress replied saying that she was playing for herself as she wants to become the captain and was not on anybody’s side.

Shilpa was also the sanchalak of the task. She didn’t let the rivalry affect her decision and made Hina the first contender for captaincy. BB viewers are waiting to see the friendship between Hina and Shilpa. Both the ladies will definitely change the game if they come together.

This week, apart from Hina, all seven contestants have been nominated.

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