Baba Ramadev has been a renowned name in the field of yoga. He didn’t just boost up the popularity of yoga amongst people, but also launched his own brand of FMCG product- Patanjali.

In fact, Baba Ramdev’s popularity across the world has made him no less than a brand

No wonder India Today magazine thought to capture the Yoga Guru for its cover story, this time.

His picture on the magazine cover page, however, has caught the attention of many on the social media platform. He is seen standing in the position of the Prasarita Padottanasana, or wide-legged forward bend.

The cover page describes him as the “Power Yogi” and goes on to explain “How Baba Ramdev discovered commerce and turned spirituality on its head to emerge as a political, economic and cultural superbrand.”

What caught attention of the Twitteraties was Ramdev’s flowing beard, defying the laws of gravity, on the cover picture. Looked like a clean photoshop job, which every magazine does to ensure the cover page look bright and catchy.

But this was enough for social media to take a jibe at Ramdev.

People created several memes with Ramdev and his pose which went viral on the micro-blogging site.

Here’s a look:

We wonder, if Baba Ramdev wants to say anything on this