New Delhi: Babuji aka Alok Nath has always been seen in ‘so called’ Sanskaari roles on the silver screen. Our famous and beloved babuji has become the laughing source for all of us.

He masters the art of performing over sweet and sacrificing roles and because of this, he is more popular as ‘Vishwa Babuji’. He celebrated his 60th birthday on July 10, though, we are sure its not the time for him to retire.

So to celebrate the ‘babuji’ that Alok Nath is, here we present you with some memes which will make you laugh harder.

Alok Nath’s Bachelor Party

Alok Nath memes

Alok Nath’s command to Daya

alok-nath 2
Babuji’s appreciation

alok-nath 3
Alok Nath’s suggestion to Yo Yo honey Singh

Babuji’s commitment

When Babuji born

Alok Nath- Naam to Suna Hi Hoga




Hahahah! We are sure you too had a great laugh reading through the memes. Now all we can wish is for that may “Babuji” bring lot more sansakari jokes for us to laugh.