Funny aprons make all the difference when you are holding a barbecue or picnic. You can set an upbeat tone when you sport an apron with a wacky saying or humorous cartoon.

There are many great uses for funny aprons beyond just wearing them at home. Here are three favorite uses:

1. At An Office Barbecue Or Charity Event

If your office barbecue is going to be fairly small, having the cook or chef wear a funny apron can really lighten the mood. Work parties can be tough to lighten up sometimes since usually everybody is so serious with focused all day. Even better than the chef wearing an apron is having the Boss wear one. If you can get him to, that is! Having the Boss sporting a funny apron will let everybody know that it’s okay to laugh and have a good time!

2. For A Children’s Birthday Party

Children love to laugh and have a good time. If you are planning a party of any kind for kids, you will want them to feel at ease around adults. Short of wearing a clown costume, what other options do you have? Wear a funny apron! For kids, an apron with a cartoon on it is much more effective than one with a humorous saying. Getting kids to laugh at adults is a fun way to a rollicking party.

3. At A Halloween Or Costume Party

A lot of people don’t really enjoy shopping for Halloween costumes every year. Trying to find something new each year can become a chore that you dread. Just throwing on a funny apron and showing up can really get you out of a jam. Pick up one or two, keep them in your closet, and you will always have the perfect solution, even if a friend decides to have an impromptu costume party in the middle of the year.

Featured Image: Pinterest

Source by Holly Harris