Rakhi Sawant, a name too familiar because of all the wrong reason, has created a mark for herself with statements that absolutely makes no sense. God has blessed her with a mouth and she uses it without any filtration and on top of that, she has a brain of a donut from where her phenomenon logic and imagination derives. Case in point, her excellent idea (pun intended) to BAN CEILING FANs to prevent suicides in the country. Rakhi holds a press conference in which she stated,

If a father and mother love their daughter, they should get rid of ceiling fans. Use AC, use table fans.

When someone in the media pointed out that not everyone can afford AC here is what she has to say:

Table fans are not expensive. We are planning to go to slums and donate 5,000 fans to the poor ourselves. At least, we’re doing this. What are others doing for the country? What is the government doing?

Before, she arrived at this logic; here is couple of her previous statement that will blow your mind:

Rakhi Sawant

#1. Haan Main Bhelpuri Hoon Aur Sunny Leone Pasta hai. Pasta bahar se aata hai, artificial hota hai. Pasta khane se pet kharab ho jata hai. Mote ho jate hain, kitni bimari ho jati hai. And bhelpuri? So tasty, so teekhi, so chatpati.

#2. Mujhe lagta hai ki sabne cheating kiya hai. Because Ranveer is very good friend of mine and Karan is good friend of mine. Yeh unki awaz hai hi nahi, unke face pe kisi ne dub kiya hai. Yeh main Rakhi Sawant keh rahi hoon. Sabne unke sath cheating kiya hai.

Rakhi Sawant

#3. Main Michael Jackson ki sister hoon. Meri eyes bhi plastic ki hain, meri nose bhi plastic ki hai, mere lips bhi plastic ke hain, mere cheeks bhi plastic ke hain. Bahut saari cheezein plastic ki hai.

#4. Aaj ke baad main news reader ban jaungi, saare politicians ki band bajaungi, aur Arnab Goswami meri jagah item number karenge.

#5. Jo God nahi deta, who doctor deta hai.

#6. Rakhi Sawant jitney bhi item songs mein aayi hai, humesha jhande gaade hai, Mujhe ek baar politics mein power milegi, toh main wahan jhande bhi gadungi aur dande bhi.

Rakhi Sawant

#7. Please don’t compare me with sunny leone. Maine koi porn film nahi kari hai. But yes, I’m a glamorous, I’m very much upfront. You can compare me with Jennifer Lopez, Madonna… you know, International singers.

#8. Aamir Khan and I are similar. Neither of us has got any awards.

#9. I’m sure he will lose his virginity when he comes face-to-face with my adaayein.

Rakhi Sawant

This gave me a headache and I need a painkiller. BRB.