Women tend to feel self-conscious towards their bodies, which can make them constantly worry about the way they look. It’s hard to continuously be checking to make sure your clothing is in place and never really getting to enjoy where you are, or what you are doing. So keep reading for 3 easy workout for woman tips.

Step 1 is walking. This is the easiest form of exercise and it helps a lot because it allows you to burn fats. Walking is also a non-stressful exercise that anyone can adequately do. For obese people, this exercise should always be the prerequisite to any exercise plan in your future. Walking is great because it can be done anywhere, and there are little injuries likely to happen from it. To start out your walking do it for about 15-20 minutes every day for the first week. On from the first week increase the time you walk by about 5-10 minutes. From the fourth week on you should be working a total of about 45 minutes a day. Proceed on to Step 2 for the fifth week of your workout.

Step 2 is brisk walking and jogging. You should already be accredited to everyday exercise when it comes down to week five. Week five, however, involves more strenuous activities to increase the rate of your metabolism. To start out warm up for 5 minutes with a walk. After warming up increase your walking speed by briskly walking for 3-6 minutes. The point of this is to challenge you further. After briskly walking for the 3-6 minutes lightly jog for 2 minutes to complete your interval. Repeat this for 2 times per session of exercise. Slowly increase up to 4 sets per day. By the time the 8th week of exercise comes around, your size and weight should reduce.

Step 3 is weight training. Start out with lightweight training to help you build muscle, which will help burn weight faster than a lot of other exercises. Weight training should begin by trying to target major muscles, which will allow you to increase the mass of muscle you have at a faster rate, which will also burn fat faster. Major muscles are upper back, upper legs, and upper chest. As the weeks go on continue increasing your sets and weights for a more intense workout. For the best results spend 4 days every week with about half an hour of weight training. Altering the days of the week that you weight train will also add more to your workout.

Using these three steps for a workout for a woman will significantly help, so keep all of these tips in mind while trying for that awesome body you want.

Feature Image: MyFitnessGuru

Source by Raz Chan