In a bizarre incident, a man from California live-streamed his child’s birth on Facebook Live, media reports said today.

Fakamalo Kihe Eiki, who works as a comedian, streamed his wife in labour on his Facebook page on Monday morning, New York Daily News reported.

The 44-minute-long video has gathered a whopping 1,77,046 views so far. Eiki invited the world to watch along as he witnessed the birth of his baby boy.

“Let’s try pushing baby out,” read a caption in the video.

The video mostly focused on the face of the mother and shows the medical staff instructing her and helping her give birth.

“Thank you God. I’m so happy right now,” Eiki was heard crying with joy from behind the camera as soon as the baby’s cries filled the room.

At the end, Eiki thanked the viewers and invited those in the area to “come and celebrate next weekend” with a barbecue.

However, Eiki later faced backlash from the internet for posting the ‘childbirth’ video.

Defending himself from the aftermath, he said, “The gift of life … is so bad to share … wow … such a world we live in … shame. Why watch? lol it was for those that were family and if you do not like, tune out?”

(With IANS inputs)