Have you ever wondered why sunglasses which are made of normal, wood, wires and screws costs you so much. Even sometimes the cost goes more than an iPad.

Be it RayBan, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Bulgaria or any other brand, every time you shop one item you get poorer by hundreds and thousands of rupees.

The logic here says that with so many companies in the market, the prices should be low in wake of competition.

But that’s not the case because the larger chunk of the industry is owned by a single company – Luxottica. Around half a billion people in the world are currently wearing the glasses manufactured by this company.

Luxottica has cornered the industry buying up eyewear collections that use to be independent and converting them to mass produced glasses.

All the names mentioned above are Luxottica’s brands and retailers.

Watch the revealing video here: