It is true! There is a village in India, by the name of Kodinhi, in Kerala which has around 220 sets of twins. This phenomenon has baffled everyone around the world, including medical practitioners. These 220 twins are born to just a total of 2,000 families.

It is equally mind blowing that such a phenomenon is very rare and the chances of it occurring is more than 6 times the normal average all across the globe. In the year 2008 itself, about 15 pairs of twins were born in the entire village’s total number of healthy deliveries which was 150.

It is even more interesting each year, the number of twin pairs is increasing and in the last 5 years itself, there have been as many as 60 twins born in the village.

While researchers and scientists all over the world find this phenomenon very fascinating, they still have not been able to crack the cause for it. The villagers say that such a trend has been going on since the year 1949! Dr Krishnan Sribiju, Local medical practitioner and twin enthusiast has been studying and analyzing this for the last 2 years. He says that 220 twins is the official, registered number of twins in this village. The real number might be even higher.

However, the story of this twin town got so famous that this village saw the constant and incessant attention from media persons. The villagers have now complained of the breach of their privacy. Therefore, local authorities have put up restrictions on the entry of the media houses. This is done keeping in mind the privacy of the innocent kids.

Nonetheless, this village still remains an unsolved mystery to the world. Various external factors like geography, hereditary, climate, genetic or molecular may be responsible for this incredible phenomenon but the exact cause is not yet known to anyone. This story, as we see, is simply another example of how amazingly wonderful India is!


h/t: DailyMail

Featured Image: DailyMail