A quote may have a strong effect if it happens to get to the very core of your being. Listed below are a few quotes which transformed my life:

1. Louise L. Hay – “The point of power is in the present moment”

2. Jenny Joseph – “When I am old I shall wear purple”

3. Advertisement by Nike – “Just do it”

Louise L. Hay’s quote – “The point of power is in the present moment”

Consequently whatever has transpired with you until recently, whatever assumptions you might be making regarding oneself or other individuals it is possible to start fresh from this instant onwards. I would once fret a lot more about the ability to take action or not possessing the capability to master new things. At present, I understand I can modify my way of thinking concerning this and accomplish much more than I thought I could.

Jenny Joseph’s quote – “When I am an old woman I shall wear purple”

The beginning of a great composition in which she ends up doing a variety of crazy things. I really like the idea that you are able to please oneself a lot more as you become more mature without having to worry a lot of about what other people may be thinking about you.

Just how have these potent quotes transformed my life?

The Nike jargon ‘just do it’ highlighted to me that it is unique to choose how to proceed, nor for you to have a clue when or how you are going to do what you state you will unless you definitely get around to executing it. So many people have a tendency to put things off for one rationale or another: frequently it is because of anxiety about the consequences of what they suggest. Therefore they end up not accomplishing anything much. Some individuals invest too much time stressing about probable outcomes of their actions or what other individuals may think of these actions. Rather than constantly being concerned if you ‘just do it’ then elements will change in your existence.

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Source by Colin Scott