Celebrities do not choose to become celebrities, they get a part in a movie, musical or television series, and suddenly they are idols which people around the world either choose to hate or love for no reason other than the characters they play. The choice to like or hate a celebrity based on their performances is pointless, as the writers are the ones who create the characters, and the directors are the ones who tell them to act in a certain way, meaning people should love or hate them, not the celebrity. Although, some people do dislike celebrities for their acting skills shown worldwide which is slightly more understandable but still pointless.

Magazines and newspapers prey on celebrities, searching them out to see what they’re doing to fuel the public’s interest in their lives. Photographers and journalists will walk the streets of major cities to find the celebrities people are interested in and either get news from them or make something up based on a photo of them. If a celebrity goes outside without makeup on the news and magazines batter them with abuse, saying how unattractive they are and how they must feel horrible to be looking like that. The truth is that all people go outdoors without makeup on once in a while, and none of them does it because they feel horrible, the press simply have a way or horribly twisting everything to benefit them.

While this view may seem bias toward the celebrities, there is another side to the entire situation. Some celebrities love to be in the limelight even outside of their television show or movie or whatever else which has made them famous. To a certain extent, some celebrities crave this attention and go to tabloids to give them exaggerated stories of things that have happened to them simply to get more attention for their career. These celebrities become well-known for their stories, and usually, get featured in programs where they are made fun of by audiences as a result.

Those celebrities who do not go out looking for attention from the press are victimized to a point. Some celebrities simply want to keep themselves to themselves and avoid the press and get on with their lives. These are the celebrities that the press hound, and often massive stories are made up about nothing and make them out to be something they’re not, which then has to be cleared with a public statement, which will more than likely lead to more information being certainly misinterpreted.

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Featured Image: Zimbio
Source by Shaun Sugar