Imagine this, just a camera, truck loads of bravery, craziness, and the real passion to be on the top of the world (literally), all for that perfect selfies and the vertigo-inducing views.

Sounds freaky but meet Kirill Oreshkin aka Russian Spiderman who just loves scaling new heights and that too, minus any safety gears. His romance with tall buildings began way back in 2008. If you check out his photographs and the “kind of places” (read ridiculously dangerous) he has taken them at, you would totally want to salute this Russian fella!

The tallest building this Russian Spiderman has scaled is Moscow’s Mercury City Tower, which is a whopping 1,109 ft high. Hats off!

Scroll down and witness the most unbelievable selfies and pics this man has taken.

Hangin’ tight!

Hangin' tight!

 Respect Mr. Spiderman!

Respect Mr. Spiderman

He says it’s no longer about overcoming himself.

Russian Spiderman

Kirill atop Demirci Mountain, Crimea with his friend.

Demirci mountain in Crimea

My perfect panoramic view.

Russian Spiderman

He likes to do it without safety measures.

No safety gears

Another one of his extreme selfies.

Russian Spiderman

The balancing act!

Russian Spiderman

Comfortably seated.

Russian Spiderman

Absolutely safe in here! (Don’t try it at home)

Russian Spiderman

On a radio tower.

Russian Spiderman

Signing off.

Russian Spiderman

All photo courtesy: Kirill  Oreshkin Facebook/500px

Just one word for this dude – RESPECT!