It is debatable if we talk about the impact of reviews on a film’s box office performance and DVD rentals. Some claim marketing through movies is so strong and well funded that movie reviewers can not make any impact against it. However, the failure of many strictly heavily promoted films such as Alexander that were poorly reviewed, and also there are some of the unexpected success of critically appreciated controversial films that indicate that extreme critical reactions can have significant influence. Positive film reviews have been shown to spark interest in little-known films and this may be noted almost every time. Major box-office analysis websites like Box Office Prophets and Box Office Guru regularly earn from general film review opinions in their projections.

Studios respect the advantage of reviewers. There have been so many movies in which movie companies have so little confidence that they refuse to give movie reviewers an advanced viewing to avoid widespread controversies of the film. However, this usually proves fatal as reviewers are wise in such tactics and warn the people that the movie may not be worth seeing. Such movies often do poorly as a result because of them.

Since a lot of money is riding on positive reviews, studios generally work to favor film criticism. Any major release is accompanied by mailings to film criticism press kits containing behind the scene information, many pictures for use in a publication, and often small gifts. Film reviewers who appear on television are given clips from the movie which they may use.

The summary and plot description of a movie that makes up the majority of any movie review can have a vital impact on whether people decide to see a movie or not. The influence of reviews is extremely important for prestige films with a limited release, such as independent dramas. Poor movie reviews will generally evaluate a film to obscurity and financial loss.

Source by Stanlee Meyers