These days are not good in terms of weather. Heat waves have engulfed the entire nation and it would be unfair to say that only humans are being affected. Animals too are facing the heat wave and in a surprising incident, a four legged creature decided to revenge being tied up in scorching heat for the entire day; by severing the head of his owner.

In an unfortunate incident in Mangta village of state’s Barmer district where an agitated camel, which was left in the heat for entire day with his legs tied with rope, attacked its owner and severed his head in anger, according to The Times of India.

The camel owner, Urjaram was entertaining some guests at his place and had forgotten that he had left the animal tied up in the heat all day, the daily reported.

“The animal lifted him by the neck and threw him on to the ground, chewed the body and severed the head,” villager Thakara Ram told the daily.

Since last week, Rajasthan is battling exreme heat with temperature soaring to 51 degrees celsius.Jawans patrolling the border with Pakistan, too, are facing a tough time dealing with camels in this heat.

Last week, Phalodi was the hottest place in the country for the second consecutive day at 51 degrees Celsius. It was closely followed by Churu at 50.2, Bikaner and Barmer at 49.5, Ganganagar at 49.1, Jaisalmer at 49, Kota at 48.2 and Jaipur at 46.5 degrees Celsius.