Do you plan to replace your glasses and put on lenses instead? Then you must read this story that will leave you in utter shock.

The 39-year-old Chad Groeschen’s life turned upside down in just one night when he put on his lenses and went to sleep.

It started to itch at first, thinking it was just an allergic reaction Groeschen ignored and went on his daily routine work. Later, after few days he noticed that his left eye looked a little goopy and his vision suddenly became very blurry.

Groeshen then went to an eye clinic where he got to know that his eye was infected by Pseudomonas bacteria.

These bacteria can develop underneath the contact lenses. Though the doctors had given him antibiotics his vision further left his eye completely blind due to the scar tissue that was still housing in the eye.

The infection that consumed the cornea had been removed by the medicine but unfortunately, the scar tissue that was left behind made the eye go completely blind.

According to Groeschen, it felt as though he was looking through an opaque piece of glass. His specialist added that he needed to have a full cornea transplant in order to get his vision back and that it would take a year to fully recover.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology in 2013, regardless of what quality of lenses you use, one must simply not take the risk of wearing lenses overnight, for it might lead to corneal infections.

Be alert, be safe.


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h/t: Buzzfeed

Featured Image: Buzzfeed