In a bizarre incident, a Kangaroo jumped onto a woman cycling in South Australia leaving her with ruptured breast implants, three cracked ribs, grazes and a numb leg.

The animal, reportedly, jumped from an embankment, landed on her and used her as a little airbag for the next jump.

Sharon Heinrich, 45, was on the Riesling Trail in the Clare Valley with her friend when the incident happened.

“I’m 5’4″ (1.63 metres) and he was taller than me, and so heavy. Once he landed on me, he used me to launch off again, which caused more damage,” she told the local media.

Interestingly, Heinrich, unaware of approaching accident, was delighted at the sight of the Kangaroo and even nicknamed it “Skip”

“I saw him and thought ‘oh isn’t he cute’ — then he was on top of me.”

After attacking Heinrich, the kangaroo then bounded on her friend and hopped away into the wilderness.

What has hurt Heinrich the most is the rupturing of blast implants and she will, reportedly, undergo surgery in the city of Adelaide on Thursday.

However, the lady has urged other cyclists to do not get scared and keep using the trail despite the encounter.