Do you rush all the time to grab lunch? Don’t have time to cook for yourself? Is eating out a habit of yours? If your answer to these questions is yes then you need to know the healthy foods you need to choose in fast food restaurants.

• List of healthy foods you can choose from burger restaurants.

You can’t deny that a burger is the most preferred food in America. About a billion burgers are served to consumers in the United States every year. You need to be picky about the burgers you eat. One burger meal can be jam-packed with 2,000 calories, enough calories for two meals. Here are some better choices than the usual burger meal you have:

1. A regular one patty burger is better than any other variety of burgers. Of course, you need to lessen the amount of mayonnaise and cheese or stick with plain ketchup or mustard instead.

2. A veggie burger is a good choice. Besides, it contains some nutritious ingredients in it. A veggie burger contains about 300 calories without the drinks and fries.

3. Go for a salad or baked potato instead of fries. You don’t need the extra grease in your body.

4. Grilled chicken, either on a sandwich or plain strips will do better than fried chicken.

5. Stick with water or freshly squeezed juices when it comes to drinks.

• List of healthy foods you can choose from in Asian restaurants.

You should consider ordering from Asian restaurants and have it delivered to your home, especially when you can’t face the kitchen and cook. You would think that since you’re ordering from an Asian restaurant, the food will be healthy. You really can’t be sure of that because you do not get to see how they prepare the food. Here are some healthy choices:

1. Steamed, stir-fried, broiled or roasted foods like chop suey, chow mein and tofu are a better choice than deep- fried or battered meat and fish.

2. Steamed rice is better than fried rice.

3. Choose plain salads with little dressing over crispy noodles with vegetables.

4. Better sauces to choose from are low- sodium soy sauce with wasabi and ponzu. Avoid sauces containing coconut milk.

• List of healthy foods you can choose from in Mexican restaurants.

Mexican restaurants offer a variety of healthy entrees. Though some of the foods found on their menu are also packed with unhealthy foods such as the sauces, tortilla chips and cheese. You should keep in mind to limit your consumption of unhealthy dishes. Here are choices that are healthy and still taste good:

1. Veggie bean burrito is better than nacho chips with a cheese dip.

2. Go for grilled orders like a grilled steak burrito or a grilled chicken taco rather than fried orders.

3. Limit the cheese and sour cream on your platter.

The major rule in eating healthy foods in fast food restaurants is to choose the steamed, grilled, broiled, baked, broiled foods rather than foods that are battered, fried or crispy. You can also special order your meals. Keep the sauces on the side so you will be able to control the number of sauces used. With these tips, you can eat healthy even at fast food restaurants.

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Source by Jeff Duncan