The way you dress at the gym can definitely have an impact on how hard you work, how long you stick with your workout routines and overall, how good you feel about yourself. Weaving baggy, ill-fitting clothes, no matter your body shape or size, will only make you feel bigger and more out of shape. Finding the right apparel will make your workouts more fruitful allowing you to reap those well-earned rewards.

Fit and Structure

The better the fit, the better you feel. Try searching for form-fitting, structured pants and shirts for a more defined look. Structured does not mean restrictive like a pair of jeans. Many structured shirts take the shape of tees or tanks that have design emphasis around the waist for a more contoured appearance. For pants, the structure is in the hip area with a wider and softer waist band that does not pull in so tight that it creates an unnecessary bulge on top. Instead, the super soft material hugs just right to stay put while keeping a sleek body line.

The Sweat Factor

For just about any exercise, there will be some sweat involved. Today, technology provides some much needed help in keeping dry during those long runs outside or what feels like a marathon step class in an over-stuffed humid room. Find sweat-wicking materials that will not only help absorb some of the sweat to keep you dry, but it will also help keep the bacteria away that loves to grow in sweat and cause breakouts.

Underneath It All

Just like the sweat-wicking outer clothes, a good sweat-wicking bra is a great investment as it can help prevent unwanted back breakouts. After the sweat status, really aim for a nice, tight fit on the bra for any cardio workouts. On the underwear front, stick with the classic cotton pairs. Avoid anything non-breathable like wearing nylons after coming from work. When it comes to socks, a good pair of cotton socks will do the trick. If you’ve got long pants on, normal socks will do. Ankle socks will work for the shorts crowd. If you’re working out extra heavy, have an extra pair on hand for a quick change. Nothing is worse bringing ground for bacteria than hot feet in damp socks in dark, enclosed shoes.

You do not have to spend tons of money for the latest gear, workout clothes are not the equivalent of designer jeans after all, you simply need to look around and buy pieces here and there that is built specifically for working out and that have some sort of shape to them. Not only will you get the most out of your workout in comfort, you will also feel a lot better about yourself if a mirror happens to be right in front of you.

Source by Tess Ferrton