The word “Gossip” instantly reminds us of the look and feel of the entire situation. “Have you heard about …” is the sentence we can hear every now and then. All humans’ gossip, so we cannot be gender biased! However, studies show that gossip has a positive effect, especially on the females.

With the new scientific study on gossip and health out, the females have a whole lot of reasons to cherish. According to a research report published in the journal Hormones and Behavior, a nice and good gossip is good for health. The scientists at University of Michigan carried out a new study on 160 women and are of the view that, “a woman is happier and healthier if she loves a good natter with her female friends.”

“Many of the hormones involved in bonding lead to a reduction in stress and anxiety,” said research leader Professor Stephanie Brown. Experts also claim that it boosts progesterone levels – a hormone responsible to reduce stress and anxiety in females. Progesterone produced by women’s ovaries plays a vital role in social, mental, and emotional bonding. Not only that, progesterone has a number of physiological effects, which are amplified in the presence of estrogen – the sex hormones.

The whole idea behind this report is to show the positive effect of gossip in women. Gossip is an idle talk or rumour; quite frequent at home, office, school, or college and a widely accepted method of sharing views and facts. So, next time when you sit with your group, just talk your heart out and stay healthy!

Featured Image: Medium
Source by Vinod Karan Singh