A lucky dog walker while strolling at Anglesey, north Wales of UK, came across an extreme rare waxy rock like whale vomit that will possibly fetch him 7000 pounds. This amount is expected to be fetched at one of its kinds of auction ever to take place in history.

The reason behind such high value of this piece of ambergris, which is a flammable substance formed in the intestines of a sperm whale, is that it is popularly used to prolong the fragrance of perfumes. This foul-smelling ambergris measures 8 by 6 inches and weighs around 2.6 lbs which is approximately 1.1 kg.

One of the foods that sperm whales consume is squids that have sharp beaks. To protect the whale from these squid beaks their digestive system forms ambergris and pass it out as vomit.

Source: ctvnewsdotca

In perfumery industry, this substance is in demand and previously also it has been sold in high rates.

About this recently found ambergris senior valuer and auctioneer, Chris Surfleet, said, “We are 100% certain it is ambergris….”

“A number of people with experience with ambergris have studied it who have confirmed it.”

About the rare quality of this substance Surfleet has this to say, “We have sold rare items of jewellery in the past but nothing as unusual as this.”

Interestingly, trade of ambergris is illegal in Australia and US.

Story Inputs: The Mirror