As much fun as it can be to sit in the comfort of your home with a bowl of popcorn & watch a worn-out copy of a favorite movie, there is something about choosing from one of the many great current movies, heading to your local movie theater, and checking out the movie on the big screen. Between the beautiful picture, tremendous sound system, and the slew of improvements that theater owners have been making over the years, it’s hard to beat checking out a new flick at the local movie house.

But with as much information as there is out there to help you know what is currently available in your local theater, it can get a little overwhelming to try & keep up with it all.

Rather than try to navigate the influx of information, here are a few current movies that are worth every penny to be seen on the big screen at your local movie theater:

Coco – This film follows the adventures of a young boy & his wish to be a great musician. The movie navigates family dynamics, culture (Day of the Dead), spirituality, and the age-old dichotomy that exists when you feel as though you are all alone. Not only does the film have great reviews across the board, but it happen to earn some of its highest marks for it visual beauty, which means watching it on a big screen is an absolute ‘must’.

Justice League – What happens when you take some of the most marketable names in the movie industry & have them take on the some of the greatest comic heroic figures around? You get this movie. Not only is it a visually awe-inspiring film, but the coming together of so many heroes, especially during these more unsure times, makes everyone cheer a little harder.

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi – Perhaps one of the most iconic film franchises in all of cinema’s history, this latest chapter follows Rey & the development of her powers under the tutelage of Luke Skywalker, a development that seems to both impress & unsettle him. Given the lineage of the Star Wars films, it’s safe to say that watching this film in a movie theater will give you the best chance to be put right into the action.

Ferdinand – What happens when a massive bull seemingly made for bullfighting finds more satisfaction living as a pacifist? This is a story of heart, friendship, facing one’s demons, and understanding that there is always a time for someone to stand for they believe it. Not only is this a visual gem, but the film has also assembled one of the most interesting, and entertaining, voice casts around.

Don’t settle when it comes to your movie-watching experience. Get out & catch one of the great current movies out right now on the big screen. If you’ve been away from the theater for a bit, it’s time to head on back.

Featured Image: justice league the movie
Source by Morris Raymond