Celebrities are using their fame to call attention to global warming. Famous people are using their knowledge of film-making to create documentaries on the subject. Others are simply using their influence try to slow down or stop global warming.

A project called Global Cool is designed to help people become more knowledgeable about how their actions can hurt or help Earth’s climate. The venture’s lofty goal is to get one billion people to lower the levels of carbon emissions they put into the environment. Orlando Bloom, Josh Hartnett, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Pink are several of the celebrities involved with this initiative. Some bands have also joined Global Cool.

Leonardo DiCaprio is another celebrity involved with the movement to stop global warming. He has a website devoted to the topic. On it, you can view two films on which DiCaprio has worked. One is called Water Planet, and the other simply Global Warming. DiCaprio has worked on another documentary addressing atmospheric heating and Earth’s eleventh hour, which details the problems and puts forth innovative solutions. The actor also started the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998. Its purpose is to influence people to become involved in environmentally friendly organizations. The foundation also addresses the root causes of global warming such as fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions.

Other actors are getting involved in the movement to stop global warming, too. Brad Pitt is the narrator of a series on green architecture. The shows discuss ways to build in a way that is eco-friendly. Another documentary features Keanu Reeves and Alannis Morrisett as narrators. The film, entitled The Great Warming, is all about the climatic changes of the past half-century. Earth Day has always been a magnet for celebrity attention. As more is known about global warming, the list of celebrities speaking out about it on Earth Day becomes even more impressive.

Al Gore, Clinton’s former Vice President who had presidential aspirations of his own, has earned a certain amount of celebrity with the release of his movie, An Inconvenient Truth. With this popular film, Gore entered the limelight in a new way, using his status and fame to influence people to join the cause of planetary preservation.

Perhaps the most powerful environmental activist on the scene today is producer Laurie David. She is the wife of actor Larry David of Curb Your Enthusiasm. She has lobbied for the governmental change, and she started organizing the Stop Global Warming Virtual March to rally support among everyday people. So far she has encouraged hundreds of thousands of people to join her.

When celebrities get involved in popular causes, it is difficult to know whether they are seeking attention for themselves or if they are truly concerned about the issue. Probably there are those whose motives are not quite pure. Celebrities who live by the environmental principles they advocate can be a good influence for others to follow their example.

Featured Image: express.co.uk
Source by Mike Hirn