Would you push your child out in front of an oncoming car?


Then why would you allow your child to ride in your car without their seatbelt on?

Either way, the impact could be deadly.

If your reasoning is you are only going to the store, or just dropping them off at school, think again. Most accidents happen within 25 miles of home. A collision at thirty miles per hour is equal to jumping off a three-story building. Over 600 unrestrained children under the age of 5 are killed every year and 80,000 are injured as passengers in car wrecks. Seat belts could have preceded over 50% of these injuries and fatalities.

Research shows that when adults buckle up, 87% of children buckle up too. Parents and children are spending more time in vehicles than in the past, so why not buckle up and be safe? Buckle up, set a good example, and ensure your children are restrained.

Children under the age of 5 should be in child restraint seats and children under the age of 13 should always ride in the back seat. From birth to 20 lbs, babies should be in rear-facing car seats, which are reclined 45 degrees. From 1 to 4 years, children should be in forward-facing cars seats. Until children are 8 or 57 “tall, they should be in boosts with lap and shoulder belts. Be sure your car seats are also installed properly. a local inspection station.

There is no valid excuse not to use your seat belts. Buckle up, buckle your children up and be safe.

Featured Image: my family in qatar
Source by Kim Prissel