I love collecting celebrity autographs like millions of other movie and TV fans.

Probably the autographed photo in my collection that I cherish the most belongs to Mr. Rodgers.

Sent to me just months before he passed away, Fred Rodgers always strike me as an almost extraterrestrial-like figure who continued to give love and hope to all children in an age where most parents are just too busy to do the same.

He was a surrogate father to millions of kids who grew up all alone in front of the tube.

His inscription in that careful gentle script reads:

“For Ugur Akinci with kindest regards from your” neighbor. “Fred Rogers 2002”

He posed in his familiar sweater, with his arms folded over a small-scale replica of his “Neighborhood Trolley.”

How do you not cherish such a token of civility and kindness? God bless him and may he rest in peace.

I’ve got great autographed pictures from Tom Selleck, Kathy Ireland, Vic Scully, Nancy Scranton, Neil Sadaka, Mary Lou Retton, Hale Irvin and others.

I remember how quick Mary Lou Retton was to my request. I thank her again as a fan.

Johnny Depp is equally gracious with his autographs. Thank you too, sir.

And here is the “worst” list as far as autographs are concerned: Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry, Teri Hatcher, Joaquin Phoenix and Russell Crowe.

The celebrities I wish I had their autographs but do not is a very long list and include Gregory Peck, Burt Lancester, Tony Curtis, Liz Taylor, Katherine Hepburn and Sarah Vaughn.

Featured Image: Mirror
Source by Ugur Akinci