If only I could get drunk that easily!!

Here is a strange medical tale of Nick Hess, a resident of Columbus, Ohio, USA. This 35 year old gentleman gets drunk on potato because of a rare condition called auto-brewery syndrome which means his stomach has excessive yeast that turns carbohydrates into alcohol.

In simple layman term, his stomach has an exclusive distillery turning it into a brewery.

Before detection of his condition, his wife, Karen, thought that Nick is a secret alcohol who looked drunk despite being sober and smell of alcohol was a common occurrence. This is what Nick has to say about Karen’s accusation,

When she first accused me of being drunk, without drinking, I thought she was crazy. But friends and family thought, ‘maybe he is over there, drinking by himself, a secret alcoholic’.

Then, Karen made a video in which Nick found himself stumbling and slurring which left him shocked. This made him seek medical attention and it was detected that Nick’s yeast level is 400% higher as compared to normal level.

At present he is on carb-free diet and medication to control this condition.

Watch this man and his doctor Dr. Anup Kanodia talk about his condition:

Video Courtesy: WSYX WTTE

May be, just may be next time you can use this condition as an excuse while returning from a late night party.